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Application Model and Data Binding on Windows Phone 7

Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) is a very useful pattern for organizing scalable and constantly evolving phone applications.  In MVVM, Each view is backed by a view-model and a model.  Models are loaded from storage or the network often as pages are displayed … Continue reading

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Performance UI Pattern: Asynchronous Property

Motivation: XAML development thrives on declarative data binding. The means that at author-time a unique path to each piece of data to be displayed is known. At runtime when the data binding is interpreted a property is called to retrieve … Continue reading

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Updating ApplicationBarIconButton dynamically

Since the ApplicationBar is not a DependencyObject and not part of the visual tree, FindElement cannot locate Items in the ApplicationBar with x:Name set.  The members will be null.   Due to this, it may be best to initialize the … Continue reading

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Ship it! One Giant Rubik’s Cube

  In February I was on a ski trip with some friends and Barry began talking about building a giant Rubik’s Cube.  This week, just 6 months later the Groovik’s Cube was assembled at Burningman and looks spectacular.  It was … Continue reading

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Live Geometry

Here is a great example of the richness that can be created with simple tools available with Silverlight.  Live Geometry

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Serializer .NET Robot Controller

  This looks like a decent board with support to multiple wireless computer interfaces. Serializer .NET Robot Controller

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New Cider Adorner Placement API’s

In my last post I discussed the 3 adorner spaces in the new Cider adorner placement API’s.  In this post I will discuss these API’s  in a little more detail.  Note at the time of this writing, the spcific class … Continue reading

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