Slacking Blog and Cider Jan CTP release, Sparkle’s First CTP!

Well it’s been a few days since I have blogged.  I’m sorry.  Mostly the blame is on me.  A little I will put on Rob Caron who loaned me season 1 of both Lost and 24.  Both I really enjoyed at the expense of my time i normal spend finding interesting bits to blog.

We have released our second CTP of Cider!  We’d very much like to hear your feedback on the Grid designer user experience. Cider Jan CTP can be downloaded here.


Congratulations to the Sparkle team for their first CTP of the Expression Interactive Designer.  It can be downloaded here:

Thanks for all the regular traffic to this blog.  It is inspiring to see that you find this interesting. 

I have two requests for you, the reader…

First: I’d like to hear more about how you use XAML to layout your forms.  This will help me to understand the workflow and thought processes you use in creating your apps.  How can we improve this layout process in the visual designer?  Send me interesting XAML you have created so I can see how you are using the Avalon controls and panel.  We have found here that 3 people given the same goal form often implement it 3 different ways.

Second: Feedback on my blog is VERY welcome, and inspiring.  Criticism, Praise, and suggestion about what you’d like to see will all motivate me and reward me for the effort it takes to blog regularly. 

In advance, Thanks!


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