First Cider CTP

We have released our first CTP of Cider.  View the announcement in the Cider Forum.

If you’d like to try it out, I’d suggest installing in this order:
   Step 1) WinFX 
   Step 2) Windows SDK 

         Install Instructions are located at linked page under "instructions".

         My Steps:

               Step 2a) download 6.0.5270.0.9.WindowsSDK_Vista_idw.DVD.Rel_Update.img

                      2b) install the Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP

                      2c) extract files to local disk; follow instructions in readme.txt to open ISO image file.

                      2d) run Setup.exe

   Step 3) Visual Studio code name ‘Orcas’ CTP – Win FX Development Tools 
This is our first release from the Cider team and is the result of much hard work on our M3 milestone.  Also, view the Channel 9 Cider Wiki site.

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